Even the most-viewed videos can have low retention times. Viewers trust their fellow audience members and use the number of Likes to determine what videos are worth sticking around for. This can be especially important for long videos where retention time matters! Keep your audience interested with our YouTube Likes service.

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Order for your YouTube Likes

Get that desire likes your want for your video. If COVID-19 or Corona Virus is in your video title or if this is what your video content is about, we can not process YouTube Likes orders on this service. If you place an order for this service for this kind of video your order will be canceled.

**No Orders for COVID-19 or Corona Virus video content accepted.

We CAN NOT deliver likes to any videos with restrictions such as age or country. Orders placed for youtube videos with restrictions will be canceled.

**Likes stats must be PUBLIC. Orders with Private stats will be canceled.

Start Time: Instant Start
Speed: 50-300+ per day
Refill: Life Time Guarantee
GEO: Likes could come from any country worldwide
Must be open to all ages
Must be open to all Countries
Stats must be PUBLIC
No COVID-19 or Corona Virus video content


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